A Ray of Sunshine

God has a spectacular way of answering my prayers. And I thank Him for letting me realize that he has already answered my prayer and has given me the opportunity to be grateful. You see, it has been a really tough week. I thought I was already okay with driving (I’m a new and very […]


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DAY 3: Change of Plans

We planned to go to Taichung, but found out it that it was way too far. We arrived at Taipei Main Station at around lunch time. We went to the Tourist Information Assistance to ask for travelling options to Taichung. They said that if we take an express train, it will take us 4 hours […]

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D-Day 2 & 1 Cebu Meet Ups

December 26-27, 2018 [photo dump with some storytelling] Touchdown Cebu I arrived in Cebu quite late, around 8:30 PM. But these guys still agreed to meet up with me. We had a quick chat bout how we’re currently doing. And of course, we took lots of selcas (okay, “selfies”).

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Opol-CDO-Bukidnon Day Trips

Most photos aren’t mine. Credits to Joy Molina, Ana Lei Lucmayon and Ate Shemaine Lucmayon Last February 9, 2018, my university friends visited me in Opol for a long weekend getaway. They originally had planned to go to Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, but it was way beyond their budget.

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