At last, Vispop 3.0 is here!

I have been waiting all summer for this year’s VISPOP! If you are not familiar with VISPOP, it is an annual songwriting contest which encourages people from the Visayas to write songs in their mother tongue or dialect. VISPOP’s debut last 2013 was a great hit – with its champion song Balay ni Mayang still played […]


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Great Waves

Darkness is surrounding me Splash! Splash! Splash! I’m desperate. I want to reach the shore. But the dark waves are so great. They obscure my vision Leaving me cold Leaving me aimlessly floating. My feet laboriously tread the water My hands exhaustingly push the water down. Anxious of my fate I started to shout and […]

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Musing Over the Past

Lately, my father has been asking me questions which I dread the most. His questions made me anxious. And filled with this anxiety, I ended up searching for things in the cupboard inside the stock room. There, I found my boxes full of memorabilia. To escape from reality, I decided to dig in those boxes. Boy those […]

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