Going Down the Country Lane

This weekend was my most active weekend so far.

Saturday (April 7, 2018)

CDO Departure and MNL Arrival

My day didn’t really start well. My flight to Manila got delayed, I registered to the wrong SMART promo code (which means I don’t have enough load to use GrabTaxi), bought P300 load with the free LTE sim at NAIA3 (which only had E signal, ugh). But my went….well.

Ashley and Robin (not their real names; and their my concert-loving friends) had an earlier flight. We initially agreed to meet at the airport but my flight was so delayed. That said, I just encouraged them to go to Megamall first.

By the time I arrived in MNL, they had already walked around the whole mall. I waited at our meeting place, the supermarket. We were both at the supermarket in front of Watsons near the flower stand but they were in Mega A and I was in Mega B. Hahahahahahaha. It’s a MEGAMALL after all.

Sensing that they were already tired, I offered to go to their location. We then had a late lunch (it was already 2 PM) at Yoshinoya. I think we took some pictures but I was too hungry and tired that time so I don’t really remember.

After having lunch, we walked around the mall. We breezed in and out of all clothing shops for potential outfits for the DIVIDE concert the next day. My friends (because I already have an outfit) had something in mind but could not find them in any of the stores we visited so far.

While going through the options at Forever21, a childhood friend called Ashley, asking if we were in Manila. We were surprised. How did they find out that we were in Manila that time? We didn’t post updates online. Ashley was more surprised because she hasn’t been in touch with them for quite a while.

At first, we agreed to meet at MOA. However, Jacob, who went to Manila from the Visayas by bus, really wanted to take a shower real bad so we agreed to see each other at the guesthouse we were staying at. 

Park Avenue Guesthouse 2443

The streets leading to the guesthouse where quite small. I thought the guesthouse would be right beside a busy street but it was situated inside a mini-compound with security guards securing it 24/7. It was really cozy – reminded me of the compound I lived in when I was younger.

We booked 3 beds in their female dormitory because we will mostly be out of the guesthouse anyway. The room was just right – the bunk beds were big (I guess they were queen-sized), the internet connection was stable and fast, the common lavatory, shower and dressing room was so clean.

bunk bed
This was my bunk bed. It could actually fit two people!
Another pic taken by the woman – this time at the lobby.

The staff were so accommodating. They even let Jacob use their shower room even if he wasn’t checked-in. It was a last minute request that I thought they would refuse. 

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While waiting for Jacob to finish showering, Justin, Maggie, Ashley, Robin and I stayed on the balcony and had a light chit-chat.


While waiting for Jacob to finish showering, Justin, Maggie, Ashley, Robin and I stayed on the balcony and had a light chit-chat. 

A home away from home.

Dinner at Yabu | 15 min Shopping at Landmark

Dinner @Yabu House of Katsu
Group photo of starving friends. Captured by Jacob

We had our dinner somewhere at a Japanese restaurant in Glorietta which is called Yabu House of Katsu. Since I was allergic to chicken, I ordered the Menchi Katsu set. It was made with ground pork and beef with cheese fillings. I guess I was really hungry because when it was served to me, the first thought that came into my mind was “Is this it? Would this be enough?”

But it was a heavy meal. Though everything in the set except the katsu was unlimited, I had a hard time finishing the katsu itself. I liked it but it was too heavy. I only asked for two more servings of cabbage because I liked their dressing.

After dinner, we tried to look/shop for outfits just for 15 mins because most malls were almost closing. In the end, only Justin bought a hoodie from his favorite shop. Ashley and Robin still couldn’t find the right outfit after visiting some boutiques and shops. 

Sunday (April 8, 2018)

Rise and Shine

So I woke up early even though I was still really sleepy because we planned to visit an art museum in Antipolo.

I wanted to wake my roommates (Ashley and Robin) up. However, my social anxious self opted to wait for my roommates to wake up on their own. The clock had already struck 7 but they still weren’t awake so I mustered up all my courage and tried to wake Ashley (which is one of my BFFs). I asked her if they had plans to tag along.  They opted to stay.  They were very tired not only because of checking out every clothing store in Megamall the other day but also because of the deadly work shifts they had before this trip. We just agreed to meet at MOA before the concert. At least they still had time to look for their concert outfit.

Morning at Antipolo 

There was little to no traffic jam because it was a Sunday. Our ride on a public FX was smooth. Two other childhood friends joined us that day, Casey and Steve, so we chatted and tried to catch up while travelling.


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Then we reached the Pinto Art Museum. It looked liked a mini Santorini sans the aquamarine sea. We had to pay an entrance fee but it was worth it. There were murals, paintings and sculptures made by local artists. These were my favorites.

  1. Triathlon

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I liked it because I figured it out after quite some time. At first, I though this is another abstract art. Then, after reading the description, which I don’t usually do, I was amazed by the creativity of the artist. (And, I also have this wild dream of joining a triathlon someday.)

2. The Bamboo Room

This room was a big surprise. I was expecting a room of paintings but what I got was a relaxing experience. As soon as I went inside the room, all I could say was WOAH. It was dark and it seemed like I was in a bamboo groove at nighttime. I could hear dripping water and chirping birds. I could even feel a slight breeze! For a girl who loves nature and the color green, this could have been my girl cave.

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After looking at lots of paintings and taking lots of pictures, we had lunch. Since we spent a lot of money the day before, we opted for a cheaper but sumptuous meal this time. We asked for recommendations from a tricycle driver. He recommended KAMAYAN – a barbecue restaurant.

fried rice

This was the only photo I could find from the internet (grabbed from an FB user named Keneth Iglesia who was at Kamayan last 02/16/17). I guess the woman on the counter could tell that we were hungry because aside from the toppings, there were fried garlic bits all around my one cup rice. TOO BAD I didn't take a picture.


It was literally a kamayan resto – we had to use our hands to eat our food. And I was surprised by their garlic rice. I thought it would just be white rice with some garlic bits in it. But when it was served, BAM! it was one cup of rice with butter underneath with lots of fried garlic toppings (lots of is even an understatement)

We were so hungry we barely talked. We didn’t even take pictures. HAHAHAHAHA

Afterwards, since it was a Sunday, we agreed to light candles and say our prayers at a nearby cathedral. We were so full that we opted (some didn’t have the choice, hihi) to walk to the cathedral under the noontime sunshine.


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After being out and about the whole morning, I was so sweaty and sleepy. So, I opted to buy myself a skirt (my pants weren’t that clean anymore). Then, Ashley, Robin and I met at the department store and then energized at a donut store. We definitely needed sugar and coffee for the concert. We also changed outfits there.

While trying to go to the concert grounds, we got lost a few times. I guess we were so excited to finally watch Ed’s concert that we lost our sense of direction. After asking several security guards and following a big crowd, we finally found it. We were sure it was the right place because lots of people were wearing Ed Sheeran merchs. Before going to our gate, Ashley and I bought new Divide shirts for ourselves at an official merch-selling shop.


I thought the concert would start at 8 PM. Actually, I think most of us thought it would start at 8 PM. After 8 PM, every time the music stopped, people at the back would shout. They were expecting Ed to come out.

Eventually, the concert started at around 9 PM. We were at Patron C but I could barely see Ed. He’s as small as an ant from my position.

It was worth the wait (and the money). Most of the songs he sang were from his previous albums. Some I knew, some were new to me. For songs that I do know, I try to sing along. (I’m thankful he sang the songs I really liked eg. Castle on the Hill, Eraser, Don’t, Tenerife Sea, Nancy Mulligan and Sing). For songs new to me, I just listened to Ed and to his fans.

It was amazing to hear him sing live – I actually think his live performance is better than the recorded ones. Also, I liked listening to him rap and how he didn’t end up catching his breath after rapping too much.

It was literally a one-man show. It was my first time to see him use those pedals – loop pedals? Yeah, those things.

And I was amazed to hear fans singing and rapping along with him, they literally know all the lyrics. I am a new fan so I only knew songs from his Multiply and Divide album.

After about an hour and a half, we could hardly believe that the concert was over because Ed just literally walked out from the stage. 

We had a hard time looking for a ride home. But after 3 hours, we finally rested our fan girl hearts and bodies and slept well at our guesthouse.


Monday (April 9, 2018)

My concert goer friends and I parted ways at the guesthouse – they went to the airport while I went to the Ayala Triangle to meet up with my other childhood friends. These lot weren’t really keen on taking pictures so we didn’t take pictures during this day.

We had lunch at Banapple. we talked and talked especially about someone who annoyed us recently while waiting for our orders. I just ordered anything that didn’t have chicken – I think it was Baked Fish Gratinee with Scalloped Potatoes. It was really good but like the Menchi Katsu I had at Yabu, I couldn’t finish my meal. I guess my once big and unsatiable appetite got smaller. 😦

Then, we walked around Makati towards a place where people can practice archery because some of my friends wanted to try it. I wanted to watch them but I had a plane to catch so I had to leave early. I even forgot to say goodbye.

I guess I don’t like goodbyes. Ewww. enough of that.

So my flight was delayed for an hour (what’s new). I told my mom not to be at the airport too early because I didn’t want them to wait for a long time. I did tell them when I boarded the plane. So as soon as the plane landed in CDO, I thought that they would be already be waiting for me as usual.

When I texted them, they said they were still on the way. I didn’t mind waiting for them because for 30 minutes, I had a video call with another long time friend, let me call her Kyla. She wasn’t active in social media for the past months, so there was no way for me to know how she was. So, when she asked if I wanted to have  a video call with her, I said yes. We talked about our recent activities and our future goals. Then, because my phone was about to black out, we ended the call.

I originally planned to just watch Ed sheeran perform live. But unexpected things happen, and those make life more exciting. I got to meet familiar people, I had the opportunity to be quiet and listen (which I love since I talk for 8 hours on workdays)  and I got to travel using public transportation in a scary and big city like Manila.

Though this weekend wasn’t my usual chill weekend, I enjoyed spending my energy on fun activities and wonderful friends. Till next time. X



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