DAY 3: Change of Plans

We planned to go to Taichung, but found out it that it was way too far.

We arrived at Taipei Main Station at around lunch time. We went to the Tourist Information Assistance to ask for travelling options to Taichung. They said that if we take an express train, it will take us 4 hours to get there (that’s just one way!). We figured that we’ll miss the last train if we really will go to Taichung. So, we decided to go to Ximending – we’re finally exploring the city!

We had lunch at the underground mall near Taipei Main Station. I ordered White Kimchi Noodles. Actually, there were more kimchi than noodles, hahahaha. But at least, I ate something my palate is familiar with.

Our lunch: White Kimchi Noodles, Xiao Long Bao and Beef Noodle Soup

Random picture taken at the underground mall. Everything here is cheap – we even bought new, stylish and sturdy boots for 690 NTD!!

Me lookin’ so slendah. (thanks, Keeshia).

Taken at one of the many intersections in Ximending. This place wasn’t as crowded as Shilin (Night Market). It looked more modern, more city-like. And what made me happy in the picture was the ray of sunshine. It just peeped only for a short while.

Milk tea modelling. In my mind, I’m kind of wondering why I was drinking cold milk tea on a cold winter day in Ximending. But yeah – ACT LIKE A TOURIST WHEN YOU CAN!

We looked for the best milk tea houses online – this was the only shop whose sign we could read/recognize. We ordered their top 1 and top 2 best sellers. I recommend you skip their top 1. #50lang

There are lots of arcades in Ximending. They look so colorful. 

We accidentally found this shop while strolling in Ximending. They were on sale! Bought lots of cosmetics for the girls at home and I had to restrain myself from buying more – or else, I wouldn’t have enough cash to go back to our accommodation. (I thought this picture would be similar to the milktea one, hence the face.)

This was taken near the Catholic church. There was like a fashion/art expo building with a huge park there. We took lots of pictures to kill time.

Pose, pose, pose!

After enjoying our free time in Ximending (we bought lots of souvenirs and looked at street vendors cooking street food from scratch), we heard mass at St. Christopher’s Church. Again, we missed our bus stop, but it was okay. We walked past a modern art museum, a park and a bookstore.

Never tried a sub sandwich my whole life. There was a SUBWAY right beside the church, so we grabbed a quick dinner there. I kind of regret choosing an all vegetable sandwich. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;(

We did get lost and miss some stops on this day, too. But it was pretty minor compared to what happened the day before and with the days that followed.

‘Till the next post. X


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