A Ray of Sunshine

God has a spectacular way of answering my prayers. And I thank Him for letting me realize that he has already answered my prayer and has given me the opportunity to be grateful.

You see, it has been a really tough week. I thought I was already okay with driving (I’m a new and very anxious driver), but I still get really nervous whenever I drive. That’s normal, I know. But I usually tend to imagine the worst accidents that could possibly happen, so yeah. It makes me more anxious.

Also, office politics this week is a headache. I used to not know what happened beyond the four walls of my cube – but now, because I got myself some buddies in the office (yeah, after 2 years), I am more aware of my office’s toxic culture.

Anyway, as an online teacher, I was preparing for my first class. The student seems very demanding – no follow up questions, just follow the usual lesson flow. Other teachers deemed this student as almost fluent. I usually am not confident whenever I encounter these kinds of students, so I prepared by listening to my favorite podcast (hello, Sam from It’s Been a Minute).

The class started and went on really well. The student wasn’t as demanding as I thought. I was just being my usual judgmental self. After we finished talking about our topic, he asked me if I remembered him. He said I was his first tutor for this service. Of course, I politely said I don’t (I have lots of students and our first class was a year ago). But, he said his lesson with me changed His life.

“After your lesson, I realized that I wasn’t a good English speaker as I thought. I studied really hard afterwards and took the TOIEC exam. I got the highest score. Thank you very much.”

This warmed my heart. I almost teared up. Although my usual self would think that what if this is just lip service?, I allowed myself to accept it as it is. Gratitude. And a ray of sunshine. It was exactly what I needed to go through this hell week.

May God help me to pay this forward. X




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