Opol-CDO-Bukidnon Day Trips

Most photos aren't mine. Credits to Joy Molina, Ana Lei Lucmayon and Ate Shemaine Lucmayon
(From left to right: Ate Shemaine, Lei and Joy)

Last February 9, 2018, my university friends visited me in Opol for a long weekend getaway. They originally had planned to go to Clark, Pampanga for the Hot Air Balloon Festival, but it was way beyond their budget.

I personally was not sure if this trip of theirs will push through. My friend, Joy, just told me that they will be coming on these specific dates. Afterwards, there weren’t any updates – they didn’t even have detailed plans the moment they arrived! Maybe I was just very paranoid (or detail-oriented). It was my first time to host local tourists at home.

So, from Laguindingan Airport, we rented a car (there was already a personal driver) for Php 800. The drive home wasn’t that long. After I showed them their room, we changed into our swim wear and got ready for our first destination.

Seven Seas Waterpark


My friend, who knows how to drive, drove our family car to this water park. Since it was a weekend, it wasn’t very crowded.

After lining up to pay for the entrance fee (and to get our bracelets), we immediately went to the locker building to rent out lockers and keep our stuff safe. We then tried all the slides immediately.

All the slides were scary… I mean fun. Not only will it help you relieve your stress by shouting your heart out, you’ll also find your self willingly “exercising” because most slides or on the 3rd to 5th floors. (You also have to carry your own tube/floater if the slide needs one. The group slides need big tubes/floaters so aside from exercising, going up the towers also improves teamwork. Hehehe)

By noontime, (we went there at around 10:30 AM) we had already tried all the slides in the first tower. We even have reached the consensus that the scariest ride was the green and white slide – it was very steep and open.

While waiting for lunch, we cruised the Mighty Maui River (the name of their lazy river) on circular tubes.

Since food and drinks aren’t allowed in the park, we bought our lunch from the cafeteria. Most of us bought the cheapest one – a burger and fries set with drinks. We thought it would not be enought satiate our hunger. But the burger’s bun was really “supersubstantial” (it’s not just air) and the patty is thick and really delicious. So yeah, we were full afterwards – so back to the lazy river we went.

After we felt that our stomachs have fully digested what we have eaten we tried the slides of the second tower. These slides were much much easier than the slides from the first tower. So we tried all the slides of this tower within 30 minutes. 

Tired, we went back to the wave pool and waited for the waves to start. Waves only happen occasionally during that time and it lasted for 15 minutes. While waiting, we took lots of groufies and selfies. We also sunbathed and talked about anything literally under the sun. 

I enjoyed the wave pool when it worked because it became a bit more challenging to be there. For a girl who knows how to swim and loves being in deep waters, waves more than 4 ft tall in a 4 ft wave pool is good.

Dinner at RIBS and BIBS

I wanted them to try some local food, especially pater. I have never tried it myself so I don’t know where exactly I can find them. My co-workers said that I can find them in Cogon but ugh, Cogon is a huge place and I’m not familiar with it yet even after living here for 2 years (couch potato represent).

I really regret 1. not knowing how to drive and 2. not knowing the good places and food in CDO. From then on I vowed that I should be familiar with the good food places and streets of my current city. AND, I should know how to drive. (As of writing, I already know how to drive but I am not a good driver yet.)

In the end, we had dinner at RIBS and BIBS. It’s a bit pricey for me but the food was worth it. We were so tired and hungry that we didn’t take much pictures. We just ate and talked a lot. 

Conquering Extreme Activities at Dahilayan Park, Bukidnon


At the last minute, I convinced my uncle to drive us to Bukidnon. It was a very long drive because it was a Saturday – traffic jams were rampant in CDO and the steep roads leading to Bukidnon were slowing down our jam packed car.

After about 2 hours and a half, we arrived at Dahilayan. It was a cloudy Saturday noon – I loved the cool breeze and the pine trees. We immediately took selfies and group pictures. Then we paid our entrance fees and had lunch at a cottage within the mini pine forest.

We packed our own lunch and bought some pizza and cola from the restaurant. We ate and chatted under the tall pine trees and even patted the local big dogs in the place.


Then, we took lots of pictures again. After making sure that the food we ate were fully digested, we then went on to try the extreme rides.


My sisters and I only tried two rides (those were the only ones I could afford T.T) – the dual zipline and python. Since my sisters and I are a bit adventurous and it wasn’t our first zip line experience (we have tried a steeper zip line at Agas-agas Bridge), the rides weren’t really that scary.

It was different for my friends though. They tried a series of rides. I enjoyed listening to them screaming their hearts out.

Drop Zone
Joy didn’t want to do it alone so she encouraged (begged) me to be her partner.
Group Picture
Final group picture before we head home

Attending Mass at the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City and Lunch at Bon Chon, Ayala

On the last day of their trip, we heard mass at the Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City. After mass, we took a lot of pictures and said our prayers at the heart of the Divine Mercy Christ.

Then we had our lunch at Bon Chon in Centrio Ayala Mall.

Overall, as a host, I did okay. Points to improve, I should’ve talked to them more often (I would immediately go to my room or stick to my mom whenever they are around. AND I should drive them around next time.)








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